mac is it offers daily, weekly and monthly support plans.
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On and off site consultations
mac is it provides cost effective techical support solutions for all business’.
mac is it will support your company’s desktops and servers and provide solutions for creating greater workfolow efficiencies.
In addition, the intial consultation is always free.

Client | Server

mac is it  supports all Macintosh desktops and servers. We can manage a few   to thousands of Macs; all with a 99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

mac is it affords companies to greatly reduce costs in the management of their technical infrastructure.

mac is it providing your support is like having a full time technical support team without non productive hours, sick time, vacations and healthcare.

Application Support

mac is it  supports all Adobe Creative suite applications. mac is it will make sure that all your Adobe applications are working at ultimate performance.

mac is it supports video production. mac is it supports Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier and Avid Studio.

mac is it guarantees that applications will never slow down your creative workflow.

Platform Integration

Todays business environments operate with Macintosh and Windows PCs; Macintosh for creative and Windows PCs for operations and finance departments.

mac is it provides working solutions for integrating Apple Macintosh into a  Windows Active Directory environment. The Macs can be setup to allow an Active Directory  system to manage all security permissions, when the file server is hosted on a Macintosh server.

Mobile Devices

Most every company has iPads and iPhones in their organization.
mac is it can manage all your iPads and iPhones with our management sofware.
mac is it’s software allows us to configure, secure and maintain all iPads and iPhones that a company may have.

Did we mention that we write custom IOS Apps too.

Backup Solutions
mac is it provides many cost effect backup solutions for all your devices.
In addition, mac is it provides data recovery services.


mac is it  offers on and off site backups. It’s not if, but when, a file or folder will be deleted or overwritten.

Additionally, daily backups offer a company the ability to go back in time and restore files and folders from any time frame within the past 6 months to a year.

Data Replication

mac is it has created a data replication device and software to manage and synchronize data in multiple locations.

No matter how many offices or locations a company has, the same data is available to all of a comany’s employees.

Data Recovery

mac is it has created its own process and software to recover data from any operating system; corrupted hard drives, SD cards and a host of other media.

mac is it  only charges a fee if we are sucessful in recovering data.

mac is it provides its clients workflow automation, color + font management and asset file management systems.
Automation aids greatly in reducing the production timeline, thereby reducing costs.

Workflow Automation

mac is it creates Apple and Java scripts to help companies achieve greater economies of scale from their technology. We can automate all Adobe applications to better streamline your production.

mac is it created an advanced AppleScript to turn CMYK Indesign print files into vibritant RGB files for the web. The process can create a digital catalog or magazine of 100 pages in under 30 minutes.

Color + Font

mac is it provides font management services for your company’s fonts by creating scripts to make sure everyone in your organization are using the same font set; whether you’re on a Macintosh or Windows PC.

mac is it provides color management services for your company’s print and web assets to make sure the company’s products are color acurate in print and on the web.

Asset Management

mac is it has created an asset management database for companies  to track all their Macintosh computers, iPads, iPhones or any hardware or software.

Asset management allows a company to track IT purchases and contracts and manage software to ensure all software is licensed and in compliance. Asset management also prevents theft.

Home Theater and Security
mac is it provides home theater and security systems that are Mac centric. Control your home theater and security systems directly from an iPad or iPhone.

Home Theater

mac is it provideds  many home theater options for its clients. Whether you just want better sound for your family room TV or a complete media system,

mac is it  has the solution.

Home Audio

mac is it provides its clients with audio systems that fit every budget. Choosing the right sound system can be daunting; let mac is it research and validate the right audio system for you.

Security Systems

mac is it offers its clients with wired and wire-free video security systems.

In addition, we provide video security systems that are wire-free and cellular; this means a camera can be placed anywhere.

mac is it guarantees all its services.
If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.