mac is it have been developing IOS Apps since 2007 and providing iPhone and iPad development services for every type of business sector.
Contact mac is it to explore how an IOS App can increase sales and create a better customer experience.
Below are some examples of our IOS developemt. These examples are generic in context, protecting the privacy of our clients.
A large retail company asked if mac is it can create an IOS application to generate sales reports of retail sales accross the U.S.
With this task in mind, we created an analytical application for our client in which the client can be as granular as they want to determine sales.
Addtionally, wherever our client may be, they can see their sales in real time.
A fortune 500 company came to mac is it requiring a secure email client for IOS.
Challenged with this task, mac is it succeeded and created a custom email client for iPhone and iPad that provided two way encryption of all email data.
In addition to encrypting all email data, the email client we created restricted the email client to accept only the company’s domain in the email server details during account setup.
Additionally, the email client validates the user is a current employee of the company.
A local Real Estate company came to mac is it to develop an IOS App without breaking the bank.
mac is it created a Real Estate IOS App that links to their client listings and Multiple Listing Service into one or seperate views.
The application took 1 month from inception to deployment and the customer was very happy with the cost (it by no means broke the bank).
mac is it guarantees all its development services.
If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.